Pastor’s Book Picks

Pastor’s Book Picks

Occasionally when Pastor Chris reads something that he thinks would be useful to Christians he will do a short write-up about it so you can decide if it’s a book for you.

What are people for? Essays by Wendell Berry

I just realized that while I may not be old, I am old enough to no longer remember when certain personally influential writers came into my life. Few are more important to me than Wendell Berry. His lucid prose, his tight poetry, and the insight and clarity of his essays mean that whenever I pick up one of his books I will not be disappointed. In fact, I regularly re-read…

H3 Leadership. Reviewed.

“Be Humble, Stay Hungry, and Always Hustle”, says Brad Lomenick in his new book. I received the book thanks to the Carey Neiuwhof leadership podcast that I listen to when I walk my dog and, man, I am happy I did.  This book contains loads of good advice, helpful questions, ideas and plans for changing not just the organization involved, but the leaders themselves. As…

Mark Buchanan, Things Unseen

Continuing to read my way through books left to me by my predecessor I recently read, former Duncan New Life Baptist Minister, Mark Buchanan’s Things Unseen (2002). It might be a little long in the tooth at this point but it’s no less relevant for that! Mark puts into words feelings that I have long felt but lacked the right vocabulary for. There you are, standing at a…
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